Mt Carbine Quarrying

Mt Carbine Quarry, a wholly owned subsidiary of EQ Resources Ltd (ASX:EQR), was acquired by the company in June 2019. Located 130km north of the Port of Cairns by sealed highway, this extensive hard rock quarry is one of the largest and most northern in Far North Queensland. Since its acquisition, operations have transitioned smoothly to EQ Resources, which has embarked on a strategic equipment upgrade programme to enhance efficiencies and increase production outputs.

The quarry has been in operation for over 20 years, effectively repurposing rock from the Mt Carbine Tungsten Mine into a range of sustainable quarry aggregates and products. By transforming materials that would otherwise be unusable, the quarry not only establishes a circular economy but also adds an additional revenue stream and secures economic activity for the local area beyond the life of the mine. It utilises efficient processing technologies to ensure its products are both high in quality and low in environmental impact, aligning with the increasing demand for sustainable building materials.

In addition to supplying road base and aggregate materials to the Far North Queensland region, the quarry is poised to capitalise on the post-COVID infrastructure boom. Mt Carbine Quarry is also exploring additional uses and value-added products for its materials, aiming to secure by-product revenue streams and generate consistent positive cash flow. This strategic diversification positions the quarry to continue its role as a key supplier in construction and infrastructure projects.

We are proud to have our circular economy initiatives recognised by the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) through the 2022 Environment Award. This prestigious award further validates our commitment to sustainable development and environmental excellence, inspiring us to continue our journey towards a more circular and sustainable future.