New Economy Minerals

Strategic Focus on New Economy Minerals

Our focus on New Economy Minerals targets those in increasing demand due to global shifts towards energy, industry, and sustainability. The move towards decarbonizing global economies and the commitment to achieving net-zero emissions have caused the demand for critical minerals such as tungsten to increase exponentially.

The Criticality of Tungsten

Tungsten, classified as a strategic mineral by the European Commission, has been identified as having the highest economic importance of all raw materials. This recognition extends beyond Europe, with countries such as the USA, Japan, India, and Australia acknowledging its criticality, which signifies its essential role in their economies coupled with a high supply risk.

Our Commitment

We understand the importance of critical minerals and their value in the economy in contributing to a sustainable future. Our team is committed to addressing what is critical for tomorrow by looking for opportunities to innovate raw materials to deliver higher value and more environmentally-friendly products. We are continuously strengthening our portfolio with a mix of revenue-generating assets and promising exploration projects.

See also:

 “New Economy Minerals: The Queensland Perspective” by Tony Knight, Chief Government Geologist at the Department of Natural Resources (27 November 2020).