Resource Efficiency

EQR is walking the talk on our company purpose, to resource the new economy for a better tomorrow, by embracing and embedding resource efficiency in our operations. 

The world’s demand for metals will increase (as much as a 9-fold increase according to the United Nations) as developing economies modernise, and we in the developed world, shift to a hi-tech and low emissions future. By embracing resource efficiency to ensure sustainable production of vital materials, we are doing our part to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular, SDG 12 Responsible Consumption & Production.

At Mt Carbine, we are extracting tungsten from a secondary source (tailings and waste rock stockpiles) and producing in a way that decouples growth from environmental degradation, Our commitment to resource efficiency requires a focus on technology and good planning. The sorting technology uses air to reject crushed and screened particles earlier in the process to upgrade the feed. By employing XRT Sorting technology to reduce the amount of downstream material to the gravity plant, we are realising savings in water, energy and fuel consumption in the beneficiation process.

The Company has focused on two primary water sources at the Mt Carbine site: the first is the historic pit which has worked as a collection point for water over the years. This water is pumped to the processing plant where the material undergoes gravity separation techniques which incorporate water with the tailings being pumped to the designated tailings dam. The tailings material drains to the water dam on site for storage and as a secondary source of water if and when required.  Regular water sampling and monitoring is undertaken to ensure there is no negative impact on the environment around Mt Carbine. As the Company grows and expands into new operations, it will continue its vigilance to minimise the impact its operations have on water sources in the surrounding areas.