METS Program

In July 2020, the Mt Carbine mine waste transformation project received a $220,000 grant from METS Ignited Australia under the Queensland METS Collaborative Projects Fund. The consortium comprising the Company, CRONIMET, the University of Queensland (WH Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre), TOMRA Sorting Pty Ltd and DAS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd, are undertaking a nine-month work program to optimise scale-up application of ore sorting technology (up to 1 million tonnes of waste per year). The project objectives include establishing the physical controls on separation efficiency of Low-Grade Stockpile materials at Mt Carbine and developing integrated mine planning and scheduling models.

See Mt Carbine sorting work wins research funding (Industry Queensland, 24 July 2020).

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European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA)

ERMA was set up in September 2020 by the European Commission to secure access to critical and strategic raw materials, advanced materials, and processing know-how for EU industrial ecosystems. EQ Resources is a member and part of the ERMA’s network of a growing number of organisations covering the entire raw materials value chain. This positions us well to leverage the workstreams being undertaken by ERMA to identify barriers, opportunities and investment cases to build capacity at all stages of the raw materials value chain, from mining to waste recovery.

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